Lyrics of the Day: Citizens!


“There are no wires

Connecting your heart to your head and your hands

So where should you start?

There are no satellites

Guiding you home

So careful as you tread

In this carnival of souls

Don’t let your blood run cold

This is not a city that likes to forgive”

– Citizens! , “Reptile”

This up-and-coming London band is riding a wave of buzz leading up to the release of their official debut, Here We Are, on May 28th. Citizens! (yes, the exclamation point is included) have the firm of endorsement of Franz Ferdinand lead singer Alex Kapranos, who also happens to be producing the forthcoming record. UK music publication NME has followed them quite closely this year, and the fivesome were recently named a “Radar Band Of The Week” by the writers. There is a catchy pop element to the music of Citizens! but it feels laced with darker, more serious undertones that the appealing beat and sound seem to mask. This is the case with “Reptile,” a Bowie-esque jam that ultimately expresses a disconnect from humanity and one’s own essential emotions. It is, to say the least, irresistibly infectious.

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