Lyrics of the Day: Destroyer

Destroyer - Kaputt

“You terrify the land

You are pestle and mortar

Your first love’s New Order, mother nature’s sun

King of the everglades

Population one

I write poetry for myself

I write poetry for myself”

- Destroyer, “Blue Eyes”

Dan Bejar is the head and mastermind behind Destroyer, an indie band hailing from Canada. On the surface, the music of the band seems like a time warp out of the late 1970s or early ’80s, dripping of synthesizers, smooth jazz and palpable rhythms. Yet underneath the surface, there is a provocation and darkness to the music that adds an intriguing element and atmosphere to Destroyer, one that heightens the presence of the music. Other critics and listeners have taken notice as well, as Kaputt, the latest Destroyer effort released earlier this year, has already found itself on many year-end lists. Here, on “Blue Eyes,” it is difficult to tell whether Bejar is presenting a humorous jab at music critics or is being totally sincere. Either way, there is something significant and resonant in the line, “I write poetry for myself,” which is in fact the essence of artistic integrity and authenticity.

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