Lyrics of the Day: Shearwater

Shearwater - Animal Joy

“I crawl right back into the sound

I take one breath and spiral down

And you now watching the road

Watching the flood stage rise

We are yearlings

Watching the tide roll out

To what the daylight hides”

– Shearwater, “Breaking the Yearlings”

Shearwater, born from two members of the highly acclaimed Texas indie band Okkervil River, decided to unleash their hard rock chops with their new single. “Breaking the Yearlings” is the listener’s first peek into the band’s forthcoming eighth studio album, Animal Joy. The stomping blues rhythm heavily and ominously pulsates, accompanied by the constrained growl of the guitar as Jonathan Meiburg’s haunting falsetto swoons over the music. The lyrics seem to evoke a feeling of helplessness against the power of the world’s forces, and a desire to break the endless cycle and trend. Apparently this style is no anomaly on the upcoming album, as the band has made it clear that they went in a slightly heavier direction this time around in comparison to their previous work. From the sound and quality of this single, it appears Animal Joy will be a must-have come February 10th.


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