Lyrics of the Day: Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós - Takk...

“Go on a journey

And roam the streets

Can’t see the way out

And so use the stars

She sits for eternity

And then climbs out

She’s the glowing sun

So come out”

– Sigur Rós, “Glósóli”

Has anyone seen the new Cameron Crowe movie We Bought A Zoo? If that marriage of natural imagery and music did not induce a fervent listening session of Sigur Rós, not much else will. Though the lead singer crafted his own unique soundtrack to the film (reviewed by ResonantPassage), the music and atmosphere has a distinct Sigur Rós feel, culminating in the inclusion of one of their more famous songs, “Hoppípolla,” in a key scene in the film. The lyrics above are an English translation of the lead single from the highly acclaimed 2005 album Takk…, which some see as the band’s greatest musical achievement to date. Though it is somewhat difficult to ascertain the true meaning of the song, it appears to be about never really losing a loved one, for his or her spirit is always among those that he or she left behind. It may simply be referring to just reconnecting with someone special. Whatever one’s interpretation, all can appreciate and become lost in the celestial and beautiful music of this once-in-a-lifetime kind of band.

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