Lyrics of the Day: The Band

The Band : Northern Lights - Southern Cross

“Mama I know we broke the rules

Was somebody up against the law?

Honey, you know

I’d die for you

Ashes of laughter

The ghost is clear

Why do the best things always disappear?

Like Ophelia

Please darken my door”

- The Band, “Ophelia”

One of the most influential rock bands of the twentieth century, The Band has and will continue to have an immense influence over multiple genres of music. Encompassing everything from folk, country, rock and blues, the group released over ten albums to its name over the course of its thirty-plus years. The talent and skill of The Band caught the eye of legendary songwriter Bob Dylan, so much so that he recruited them to not only play with him onstage, but to record three records together as well. “Ophelia” is taken from The Band’s 1975 album, Northern Lights – Southern Cross, and the lyrics speak of a woman who the narrator has become enamored and infatuated with, but who has disappeared mysteriously. Though they may not have accumulated the album sales that equaled some of their more famous contemporaries, The Band will always be considered one of the most important American rock bands to emerge from the 1960s. Rest in peace, Levon Helm.

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